The Best Pool Vacuum Hose

Pool Vacuum Hose

Cleaning your pool can be a terrifying task without the right gadget. Some of the tools you need are a pool pump that needs well-constructed vacuum hoses to perform. The bothering question is, what is the best pool vacuum hose to buy for your pump to suck all dirt and debris in your pool water. Contemporary vacuum hoses come with impressive features to offer a satisfactory vacuuming outcome.

Pool Vacuum Hose Reviews: 7 Top-rated Models 

1. Poolmaster 33430 Heavy Duty In-ground Pool 1-1/2 by 30ft Vacuum Hose  

Poolmaster 33430 is compatible with most of the in-ground pool vacuums. With the featured iconic 30 feet hose length, it is capable of vacuuming a large swimming pool effortlessly. The 1-1/2-inch diameter of this pipe provides maximum and better flow for high-efficiency. The hose is constructed in a spiral wound design to prevent breaking and leaking of water. This model is produced with high-quality materials that ease the pipe’s movement without frizzing. The twisting cuff end is attached directly to the pool pump head, and the other end is connected to the pool skimmer.


  • Available with spiral wound design
  • Made of kink-free plastic materials
  • UV and chemical-resistant
  • This item connects easily to the pool


  • Not compatible with robotic or automatic cleaners 

2. HAVILAND 1.5-Inch by 25-Feet Forged Loop Hose with Swivel Cuff

Haviland is a remarkable vacuum hose constructed with high-grade and professional materials for high-class durability. The featured swivel cuff is reliable for preventing irritating tangles and twists. This unit is the most affordable hose in the category of hoses with premium grade spiral wound design. It comes with a very thick crown to prevent wears and enhance internal flow. The copolymer material protects this hose against ultraviolet and chemicals. This Haviland is uniquely designed for use with personal or residential swimming pools either in-ground or above ground.


  • Features tangle-free swivel cuffs
  • Made of high-quality plastic materials
  • Comes with premium grade spiral wound


  • Cannot handle large commercial swimming pools

3. SEWANTA Hose for Above Ground Filter Pump Hose for Intex Pump 

This Intex replacement hose is an innovative pool pump hose that is easy to install with the featured convenient kit within a minute. This hose features two Intex hoses that are leak-resistant replacement 1.25 diameter and four SEWANTA brass brackets to ensure reliability and longtime functionality. This model is made of flexible and ultra-durable polyethylene plastic materials for durability. The featured clamps are manufactured using brass metal for maximum comfort and extended use. Generally, this product utilizes high-grade materials to ensure that consumers enjoy the hose for years to come.


  • Made of durable and sturdy plastic materials 
  • Features high-quality brass metal clamps 
  • Straightforward to install in a minute 
  • Requires no heavy installation tools


  • The hose can wear out anytime

4. Eastrans 1.5 X 50 FT Heavy-Duty Pool Pump Hose

Eastrans 1.5 X 50 FT hose is more reliable and durable than standard blue hoses. This hose is built to offer exceptional services with heavy-duty and high-grade materials that are well crafted for high-functionality to withstand any outdoor conditions. This hose is available on the market in different diameters to allow you to select anyone that suits your pool pump; it is one of the most durable backwash and lay flat hoses.


  • It is kink and twist-resistant hose
  • Made of high-quality materials for durability
  • UV, acids, grease, and chemical-resistant
  • Perfect on 1.5 typical pool filter and pump
  • Roll up easily for storage purpose


  • It consumes a lot of space for storage

5. Accessory Hose for Intex and Soft Sided Pools

The 1.5” inch Intex accessory is a fantastic hose for 1500 gallons per hour. This item works well in filter pumps and saltwater systems and appropriate size fittings. The hose is available completely, having nuts on its both ends to fast-track and simplify the installation process. This accessory hose has enough length and serves as an ideal replacement for the battered pipe. Intex accessory hose supports a variety of pieces of equipment and works well with various soft-sided swimming pools.


  • A perfect replacement for crumpling hose
  • Supports various pool equipment
  • Provides ample hose length
  • Easy to install and connect to the filter pump
  • Compatible with saltwater systems


  • The hose is prone to leaking

6. Blue Devil 25ft Backwash Hose for Pool with Hose Clamp

If you need a versatile backwash hose for your pool, believe this Blue devil hose is your perfect hose. It is designed to drain, vacuum, and filter the pool and other activities. This hose is straightforward and easy to use kudos to its simple and compact design. This item is 25ft long and does not consume much space to store. It is easy to attach to the water points of your pool. The featured clamps secure the hose firmly and inhibit leaking problems. It is a lightweight and user-friendly hose.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Made from high-grade and reliable materials
  • It is versatile and perfect for draining and vacuuming activities
  • Easy to install and use


  • This item is not too long

7. Intex 29083E N/AA Spiral Hose for Pool Filters, 1.5in X 25ft

The measurement of this Intex spiral hose is measured at 1.5 inches x 25ft and is perfect for various pump and filter systems. You can cut it to your desire size and reconnect the nozzles to their purpose. The Intex hose is a stretchable and lighter type that enables you to use it anywhere for a transparent pool. This product is made of high-quality materials and is therefore durable. This hose has removable and easy to assemble end-fittings.


  • This item is flexible and easy to use
  • Lightweight and convenient to move
  • Allows you to cut to your desired size
  • Made of durable and high-grade materials


  • Advertising details are confusing

Buying Guides

Here are some of the substantial points to critically put into consideration before shopping for pool vacuum hose:


In most cases, the pool hoses are supplied with different materials. It is an excellent idea to look for a hose that is made of durable materials for ensuring longer life. If you want a durable hose, choose a high-quality ABS plastic hose. In general, the hose should be more flexible and easier to handle. Pick a vacuum hose that comes with an outer layer of UV-resistant polymer. Also, some hoses are made of chemical-free material. 


You should choose a vacuum hose based on the size of your swimming pool. The length of the hose needs to be between 10 and 30 feet. For example, it is advisable to buy a hose that is 30ft in length if you have a medium-sized pool. Look for a vacuum hose that is easy to clean because of its length. 


This is another thing to consider before you buy a vacuum hose for your pool. Look for those with better flexibility because the hose’s flexibility will enable easy mobility across the pool. A flexible hose helps you to convey them without any worry about rupturing or kinking. If you desire to get a hose that will serve you for years to come, a hose with spiral wound design is recommended for you. Aside from that, swivel cuffs also inhibit leaking and breaking of the hose.


Hose diameter plays a vital role in the amount of dirt a hose can trap without getting stuck. The diameter is the same thing with width and hoses with 1.5 inches or above is recommended.


A flexible vacuum hose that is not durable is not too good. When buying your vacuum hose, look for a product made of high-grade EVA plastic vacuum hose because both flexibility and durability work together to ensure longtime functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What length pool vacuum hose do I need?

A: A pool vacuum hose needs to be long enough to reach every nook and cranny of your pool from the suction port. A long hose will not allow one end to pull out of the skimmer port unnecessarily. If your vacuum port is almost 25ft far from the furthest corner and your swimming pool is four feet deeper from the same point, what you need is a 29ft length hose.

Q: What size pool vacuum hose do I need?

A: The standard vacuum hose is 1-1/2 by 35 feet makes it the perfect hose for every above ground and in-ground swimming pool.

Q: How does pool vacuum work with garden hose?

  • Attach the vacuum basket to the valve of your garden hose body. The bag will suck up all dirt from the bottom of your pool.
  • Detach the telescopic pole away from the skimmer
  • Connect the telescopic pole into the handle of the garden hose vacuum. Fix the end of that garden hose to the valve on the vacuum. Switch on the water to your garden hose and lower the vacuuming machine to the pool.
  • Now use the telescopic pole to carry the vacuum at the bottom of your pool slowly, but if the vacuum loses suction, off your garden hose and take out the vacuum from the pool to dispose of all debris inside.


When going to the market for a pool vacuum hose, remember you don’t want a product that isn’t highly durable or reliable. You also don’t want to buy a hose that looks stiff or has a small diameter that can restrict flow. What you need is the best quality pool vacuum hose. In this article, you will find all the available options on the market.