Hair Story

REVHair Story CoverIt’s been more than a decade since Hair Story‘s original debut in 2001, but the conversation continues about Black hair in America. Is it okay to go natural? Is Black hair still political? Why is nappy a naughty word? Still relevant today, Hair Story contextualizes, demystifies and explains the significance of Black hair in American popular culture beginning in 15th century Africa and continuing on through the year 2014. With chapters that cover the history, politics, culture and business of Black hair, Hair Story should be required reading for every American.

“In prose that is both humorous and haunting, the authors manage to bring vividly to life a subject most would consider inconsequential. After reading this comprehensive tale, people will walk away with a whole new appreciation for Black hair and all of its wonder and power!” —Lloyd Boston

An updated and revised edition of Hair Story, was released in both e-book and print format in February 2014 by St. Martin’s Press. With two new chapters that pick up where the first book left off, the updated version of Hair Story chronicles both the business and culture of Black hair in the 21st century.

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