automatic pool skimmer

The Best Automatic Pool Skimmer

automatic pool skimmer

An automatic pool skimmer is a vital part of a pool’s filtration system as it ensures you swim in a clean facility. It is, therefore, critical to choose the best when it comes to quality and effectiveness. 

Today we answer the questions, what is the best automatic pool skimmer on the market?. The products will provide you with an idea of what you should buy.  

Let us check the seven pool skimmers that you can install and leave them to clean your pool.

Top 7 Automatic Pool Skimmers Reviews 

The automatic pool skimmers in this review are the best when it comes to ease of installation, effectiveness, and affordability.

1. Intex Deluxe Wall-Mounted Swimming Pool Surface Automatic Skimmer 

The #1 model can help to trap debris and leaves before they reach the bottom of your swimming pool. It is a system you can install without a hassle and is recommended for a metal frame pool.

You only need to attach it to your pool’s filter pump, and it starts to clean your facility instantly. The skimmer is made of quality polypropylene plastic that ensures it handle the chemicals in your pool. 

You can easily pool out the skimmer when you want to clean it and even return it. However, it collects a lot of trash before you can need to clean it. 

2. Pool devil Pro Automatic Pool Surface Dirt and Leaf Skimmer Cleaner 

It is a revolutionary pool and spa cleaner that helps to collect debris from your facilities before they hit bottom. The system was designed to clean and maintain your pool to ensure you get a ready pool when you want to swim. 

You can bet it removes a variety of materials like insects, leaves, debris, grass clippings, and particles like pollen. It helps to prevent clogging of your pool filter that can happen if you do not take care of your pool. 

The system easily installs along your swimming pool wall to allow your present cleaner to work effectively. It offers the latest venturi technology that helps to drive the trash into the skimmer. 

3. Skimmer Motion The Automatic Pool Cleaner 

The system helps to clarify your swimming pool by getting rid of debris and particles of 1-inch and bigger. It helps to minimize the use of chemicals that some swimmers can find irritating when swimming. 

The cleaner moves with the current vacuum cleaner to clean all the corners that most skimmers cannot reach. Another notable feature is the whirlpool suction power that helps to remove debris and particles before they hit the bottom of your pool.

The system is compatible with most add-on gadgets that you can use to keep your pool clean. You can bet on its patented design that assures sleek, compact design, and energy-efficient. 

It is a unique skimmer that can help to remove all debris from your facility. 

4. SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer Basket TURBOCHARGER 

The SkimDoctor 2.0 catches floating debris and leaves 3x faster compared to using other products on the market today. It easily fits in an inground skimmer basket and comes with adjustable gates that work well for low flow. 

You can easily clean the skimmer basket by removing it from the water and them removing the dirt. One thing you should note it is one of the most straightforward models that to clean as it dries fast. 

The product can keep your facility clean and ensure that you use fewer chemicals to maintain it. Another notable feature is the easy setup process that takes about 5-minute to place it in the pool’s skimmer. 

It is an advanced model that provides value for money. 

5. Skimmer Online B017MV0OT6

The Skimmer Online B017MV0OT6 is a pool skimmer that was designed to remove pollen, airborne soot, leaves, and debris from your pool. It floats on the water to ensure that it catches the debris before it hits the bottom.

One unique thing is the system comes with a single moving part that makes it easy to assemble. It is also a product that is compatible with all pools and other water bodies. 

The product is made of durable material that ensures you get an automatic pool skimmer that lasts for years. It can leave your pool clean and minimize chemical usage.

6. Solar Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is a pool cleaner that can remove about 955 of debris, including bacteria, pollen, leaves, and dust. You can save on pool chemicals when you install this pool cleaner and have peace of mind it lasts for years. 

One thing about this system is it used solar power, meaning that you do not incur additional costs when cleaning your pool. It can clean your pool for up to 23-hour a day.

The product is known to move around the pool with ease and get free when it gets stuck. You can do other things a worry-less about your swimming pool when you have this pool cleaner.

7. Dunnite Hydro-net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer

You can install this skimmer and rest assured of enjoying a clean pool. It uses a Ni-MH battery that can provide it with long operation time to guarantee effective cleaning. 

The package also includes a battery changer that allows you to recharge your pool skimmer and have it ready. One unique thing is you can control the system using a remote controller while 100 feet. 

It is the ideal product for ponds and pools and can remove debris, leaves, bugs, and other materials.  

Final verdict 

When searching for the best automatic pool skimmer, start by considering what your pool needs and then picking the perfect model. There are a lot of products you can find on the market, some using your pool’s system, others using solar energy and other batteries.

No matter the skimmer you choose, the automatic nets can help you to remove bugs, leaves, small sticks, pollens, and other materials. They are the best pool accessories to maintain a swimming pool.