Color Talk on Radio Times

SFDC CoverOn Monday I had the pleasure of appearing on one of my favorite NPR shows, Radio Times. Recorded in Philadelphia, but broadcast to the world, Radio Times is a great call-in show that covers topics of local, national and international interest. I was so impressed by the host’s deep, probing questions and obvious interest in colorism, parenting and international skin color politics. It was clear she really read Same Family, Different Colors and didn’t depend on producers to give her all of the questions.

If you missed the show, no worries. You can still listen on the WHYY website or download the show and listen as a podcast. Either way, enjoy!


One thought on “Color Talk on Radio Times

  1. I heard your engaging and insightful interview on WHYY” Radio Times earlier this week. As I was preparing a proposal for the 19th Annual Sarah Lawrence College’s Women’s History Conference, “Black Women in White America,” I noticed one of the topics is Motherhood, Race, and Ethnicity. Your book’s subject matter would certainly fit this topic and appeal to the audience. The conference takes place March 2-3, 2017, with the panels held Saturday, March 3rd. Sarah Lawrence College is located in Bronxville, a suburb of New York City. I realize you have a book tour but perhaps you could fit this into your schedule. Proposals are due December 9, 2016. Tara James runs the conference every year:

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