Capital B Campaign and Another Op-Ed in The New York Times

Years ago, over on my original MyAmericanMeltingpot blog, I wrote about how much it bothered me that when writing about Black people, “Black” was always changed to the lowercase. Working in the publishing industry, this has always been an issue between myself and the copy editors. I’d always turn in my stories with Black being written with a capital B and invariably they’d send it back to me, “corrected.” At first I’d try to argue my case, that Black referred to a culture not a color, but to no avail. Rules were rules and they were sticking by the one that said black is always written with a lowercase b.

Well fast forward to 2014. Today I made a much stronger argument – I believe – for the uppercase in the New York Times (who by the way, still uses a lowercase b). I submitted an Op-Ed piece and it was accepted. It will officially appear in the Wednesday edition of the newspaper and I believe it has already been posted online. This is only the beginning of my Capital B campaign. Stay tuned.


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