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Mark your calendars! Beacon Press will release Same Family, Different Colors: Confronting Colorism in America’s Diverse Families on October 4, 2016. I. Am. So. Excited! Yes, this will be my fourth book, but it still feels like a miracle. Like giving birth, the emotions involved with giving life to a book that started as a simple idea in your mind cannot be described with simple words. (And I’m a writer, so that’s saying a lot.) Not only has writing always been my passion, but the issues that this book explores – race, identity, diverse cultures and family life – are the things I care most about in the world. So, you can imagine my excitement. Or maybe you can’t, but trust, I am crazy excited about this book getting out into the world. I hope it receives a warm reception.

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How Much Borax to Raise pH in Pool?

How Much Borax to Raise pH in Pool

Borax, also referred to sodium tetraborate, disodium tetraborate, or sodium borate, is a powdery, white mineral made of boric and boron acid and is found in regions with seasonal lakes. 

For most people, borax is a household cleaning product. However, you can also use it to raise the pH in your swimming, and the question is how much borax to add to raise it? 

You cannot know the answer to that question unless you know how to use it. That is why we have written this article.

Using Borax to Raise pH in Pool

If you want to increase pH, you can easily add borax alone. However, if you wish to boost the pool’s borate level to cushion the pH and the water’s pH is correct, you might need to add the borate and then acid to decrease the pH. 

The amount you will need to add depends on the initial pH level, your pool size, the borax you are using, pool alkalinity, and the targeted water chemistry. You can use a water-chemistry calculator (found online) to know how much borax to add and whether you should add acid.  

Steps to Follow

Here are the steps that you would need to follow to ensure that you add the right amount of borax in your pool.

  1. The first step is to use the online calculator to know the amount of borax you will need to add to your pool.
  2. Add the recommended powder to the skimmer while the pool’s filter and pump are running. 
  3. Wait for 24 hours before testing the pH level.
  4. Add more products if required to increase the pH to the ideal level.
  5. If the calculator shows you that you need to add acid and borax, start by adding half of the recommended acid and half of the desired borax. Brush the walls of your swimming pool to ensure that the product dissolves faster. 
  6. When the borax is fully dissolved, add the other half of the acid and then the rest of the borax. Brush again and leave the pump to run for about 48 hours.
  7. Test the pool’s pH and add the products if the pH level is not correct. 

Useful Tips – Borax Guide

Here some useful tips that you should remember when adding borax to your pool.

  • Use the online calculators to determine how much borax to add.
  • The amount to add depends on the initial TA and pH level of your pool. 
  • At around 100 TA and 7.5 pH, the amount is about 8 ounces, so 0.5 pounds of borax can raise pH in a 10,000 gallons pool.
  • That same amount of borax can increase a pH of 7.0 by about 0.04 and a pH of 8.0 by about 0.14.
  • Also, at a pH of 7.5 and TA of 80, that amount of borax would raise the pH by about 0.12 while it would raise by 0.08 if the TA is 120.

In Conclusion 

There is no right answer to the question of how much borax to raise pH in the pool. Use online water-chemistry calculators to compute the ideal amount. 

Borax vs. Baking Soda: Difference Between Borax and Baking Soda

Borax vs Baking Soda

Do you wish there was a more affordable and environmentally-friendly way to clean? Your wish might just come true if you try baking soda or borax.

Many people use baking soda to clean most things, including homes and swimming pools, but borax is also a useful product. 

Understanding Borax 

Borax is a critical boron compound that has the chemical formula we have looked above. However, the word borax can refer to different compounds which look similar, the only difference being their water level. They include:

  • Borax decahydrate – (Na2B4O7•10H2O)
  • Borax pentahydrate – (Na2B4O7•5H2O)
  • Sodium tetraborate or anhydrous borax – (Na2B4O7)

Borax is used in different types of cleaning recipes, where it is added for its ability to cut grease and fight stain. You will find it in various products and sectors, not only cleaning chemicals. 

For instance, in some gold mining projects, it is used to replace mercury. It is also used as a preservative in food, although it is illegal to use it in the USA. 

In short, borax is used:

  • For water softening 
  • To make buffers
  • As an ingredient in cleaning agents and laundry products 
  • For the mining of gold in some industries 
  • To create complexes with other substances

Understanding Baking Soda

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a leavening product that is commonly used to aid baked food rise, such as cookies, muffins, pancakes, and others. It readily found in the supermarket and is quite affordable. 

Additionally, it is one of the best cleaning agents you can get. Its primary uses include the following:

  • Used to neutralize bases and acids
  • Can be used to increase water alkalinity
  • Used as a mild disinfectant 
  • Useful as pest control for cockroaches 
  • Mainly used for cooking as a leaving powder

Is Borax and Baking Soda the Same?

Borax vs Baking Soda

Some people think that borax is the same as baking soda because they are used for almost the same purpose. However, baking soda is chemically different from borax.   

Both are excellent household cleaners in the bathroom, kitchen, swimming pools, and freshening laundry. Both are friendly to the environment and green options to commercial cleaning chemicals. 

If that is the case, then what is the difference between borax and baking soda? 

Differences between Borax and Baking Soda

One significant difference between these products is that while baking soda can be used to prepare foods, borax shouldn’t be consumed. That is why many homeowners use baking soda to clean their homes especially if they have kids and pets.

Borax is a name given to either hydrate or anhydrous forms of sodium borate. Its chemical formula is Na2[B4O5(OH)4]•8H2O and the molar mass is 381.38 g/mol. On the flipside, Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Its chemical formula is HaHCO3, and the molar mass is 84 g/mol.

History of Borax and Baking Soda

Borax was first created in 1881 in Death Valley and is sold commercially by the 20 Mule Team Brand. It hit the market in 1981.

Baking soda was introduced in the market in 1846 and is used in several applications like preserving, cleaning, and cooking.

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Are Borax and Baking Soda Effective in Maintaining Pool?

Both borax and baking soda are used to maintain swimming pools. However, they contain different chemical makeups that make them different. 

Therefore, you can use borax to raise or stabilize your swimming pool pH. On the other hand, you can use baking soda to increase the alkalinity of your facility without changing the pH.

How Does Borax Work?

Borax has different chemical properties that make it an excellent cleaning agent. It cleans and bleaches by turning some water molecules into hydrogen peroxide. 

The reaction is more effective in warm water compared to the cold one. Borax has a pH level of 9.5, so it is a product that produces a basic solution when mixed with water. 

What that means is that you can use it to raise the effectiveness of other cleaners, including bleach. The product also acts as a buffer in some chemical reactions. A buffer helps to maintain a stable pH level to ensure that cleansing chemicals react the right way. 

The oxygen of boron and/or the boron salt inhibits the metabolic process of most organisms. That feature makes borax an excellent product for killing and disinfecting unwanted pests. 

It also bonds with some particles to keep ingredients scattered evenly in a solution, which boasts the surface area of the particles to improve the cleaning ability. 

You can also combine borax with zinc to prevent smoke and fire in electrical cable coverings. 

From how it works, borax is a great product for cleaning and maintaining homes and swimming pools.

How Does Baking Soda Works?

Baking soda also has some unique uses that make it a great product that you can use to clean your pool – Robotic pool cleaner and other parts of your home.

To begging, unlike candles or other fresheners, which only mask the smell, baking soda absorbs odors that might make your home smell less fresh. That is why people leave baking soda in the refrigerator – it is a base that neutralizes most acid smells.  

Baking soda also mixes with vinegar to form a reliable cleaning solution. You can use that solution to unclog drains, removing grease, and other dirt from your utensils. 

For some items, the product works more effectively than regular soap. Although soap is a base, it contains some fat molecules that ensure it is friendly to the skin. 

Baking soda is abrasive, which makes it a better product for dislodging particles and getting rid of stains from different surfaces. It is also an excellent product for controlling pest without harming people. That is possible because it passes gas when heated to at least 300-degree F.  

Final Conclusion 

From what we have looked above, we can conclude that borax and baking soda are used for cleaning purposes, making them almost identical products. However, they both have their unique chemical formulas that make them different products.

With that said, you can choose either borax or baking soda to clean your home and swimming pool ( best above ground pool or inground pool ). 

How to Vacuum Intex Pool without Skimmer | 2020

How to Vacuum Intex Pool without Skimmer

If your Intex pool doesn’t have a skimmer, it might get dirty since there is no way of leaving debris and other leaves. However, you can easily remove all these debris by vacuuming your pool.

Thus, we want to look at how to vacuum Intex pool without skimmer.

Things You Will Need

You will need the following things;

  • Pool Vacuum Head

Most vacuum heads are universally made to fit at the end of pool-cleaning poles. However, you should make sure that you get a head that is weighted to ensure that it floats on water.  

  • Telescoping Pole

Most of these poles also connect to hooks, nets, and pool skimmers with ease. Of important, ensure that the pole you get reaches the bottom of your Intex swimming pool.

  • Vacuum Hose

Just like the vacuum heads and telescoping poles, vacuum hoses attach to most pool systems. Get a hose that will reach your pool area.

  • Skim vacuum Plate

It will allow you to use your pool skimmer basket as opposed to the strainer basket, removing the need of turning on and off of the pool pump.

Vacuum Your Intex Pool Manually

Now you have everything you will need to vacuum your Intex pool without a skimmer. Follow these steps:

1. Prime the vacuum

First, prime the vacuum by removing all the air in the system. Air spaces will make your vacuum lose suction – remove all the air before you start vacuuming your pool to ensure that vacuum remains strong.

To prime your vacuum:

  • Attach your vacuum head into your telescoping pole and submerge it into your Intex pool.
  • Push the free end of the attachment against a jet to remove all the air.
  • You will notice air bubbles coming up (let all the air come out).

2. Attach to the pump

The vacuum system runs by fixing it to the skimmer inlet that is powered by the suction of the pool system. Since your Intex pool doesn’t have a skimmer, this means that the inlet will be free (you don’t need to remove the skimmer). Read More – Best suction pool cleaner on the market

Simply attach the open end of the vacuum hose into this inlet (the other end is attached to the vacuum head).

3. Vacuum your swimming pool

It is time to vacuum your Intex pool. Move the vacuum head around the surface of your swimming pool until it is clean.

You can repeat the first two steps if your vacuum starts to lose power when vacuuming your pool.

Clean the Equipment

Once you have cleaned your Intex pool thoroughly, detach the vacuum hose from the skimmer’s hole and wash the head and hose with fresh water to eliminate chemicals.

Pool chemicals can easily decrease the life of your equipment, so clean them well. Then, store these apparatus under shade to prevent the sun from degrading them.

In Conclusion

It is very easy to clean an Intex pool without a skimmer and make ready for the swim session. All you need to do is to follow the above steps.

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The Best Pool Skimmer Basket Net

pool skimmer net
pool skimmer net

A pool skimmer basket is one of the most critical pool accessories that can ensure you swim in a clean pool. These products help to remove debris, dirt, leaves, bugs, toys, and other material floating on the water.

What is the best pool skimmer net to buy? Today we will look at the top seven models on the market. 

Top 7 Skimmer Baskets Review for 2020

The skimmer baskets in this review can provide you with durability, effective trapping of trash, and are quite affordable.

1. ATIE Pool, Spa, Hot Tub, Fountain, Pond Find Mesh Leaf Skimmer Rake Net

It is the perfect model for removing debris and leaves in the above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. You can also use it to scoop out bugs from hot tubs, pods, fountains, and spas, making it a versatile product.

One unique feature is the ease of use and the convenience you get when using this skimmer basket. That is possible because you can attach it to a handheld pole of about 1¼-inch.

The basket is sturdy enough to withstand constant use and lightweight to ensure you use it for hours without getting tired. It is made of fine mesh netting and a plastic frame, two durable material that gives it a longer life.  

2. ProTuff Products 13” SPA & Fountain Rake 

It comes with a 100% guarantee that ensures you get a replacement if any part of the skimmer breaks. The product allows you to clean your swimming pool 3x faster compared to using other rakes in the industry. 

One unique feature is the super-strong aluminum frame that gives it the sturdiness to withstand severe usage. It also comes with a winged handle that makes it comfortable to use even when you clean for hours. 

You can connect the handle to any telescoping pole to enjoy a better reach and cover more ground. It also boasts double-layer polypropylene netting that ensures you collect all debris without missing even the fine ones. 

3. Aura Hand Skimmer

The Aura Hand Skimmer provides adequate coverage thanks to the 2-feet reach. You can use the skimmer to remove all the dirt from your pool without straining yourself.

It is made of durable material that ensures you get value for money when using the skimmer. The product was designed for use in most swimming pools and can get leaves, bugs, and other material from the water. 

It also offers a lightweight design that makes it possible to use the basket for hours without getting tired. Another notable feature is the plastic frame that gives it durability and ensures it remains free of rust.

You can add an extension pole to the skimmer to provide even better reach.

4. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Spa, Hot Tub, pool Hand Leaf Skimmer Net 

The net gives you about two feet reach to ensure that you clean your pool faster and reach all the corners. You can use it to clean debris, bees, bugs, and leaves from ponds, pools, ponds, and other water bodies.  

It is made of light materials to give it the lightweight design you desire to clean your pool for hours. You also get effective maneuvering when cleaning your pool.

The frame is made of durable plastic that does not rust and gives your product a lightweight nature. You can count on the pool cleaner to last for years. 

It also comes with a 100% guarantee for parts and material. 

5. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Heavy Duty 18-Inch Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Rake 

It is a heavy-duty product that can give you a convenient time you desire when cleaning your swimming pool. You can use it to clean all types of pools, ponds, spas, hot tubs, and other water bodies. 

The model easily fits a telescopic pole to give you more reach to ensure that you cover all the corners. Another feature is the sturdy aluminum frame that gives it durability and is still lightweight.

Its net offers durable double-stitching to ensure that it lasts for years, scooping all types of trash from your pool. The package also includes a 12-months warranty for parts, giving you peace when using the net.

6. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Heavy Duty 19-inch Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Rake 

It is another heavy-duty pool net by U.S. Pool Supply that you can use to clean your pool faster. The product is ideal for removing debris and leaves in a pool, spa, pond, hot tub, kiddie pools, and other places.

It easily fits the 1¼-inch telescopic pool to give you a better reach when cleaning your swimming pool. The net comes with a durable aluminum frame that resists bend, break, or twist. 

Its net reaches up to 15-inch deep to provide you with more time for cleaning and less emptying it. You also get a 12-month warranty that covers parts and free replacement if it gets damaged.

7. U.S. Pool Supply Swimming Pool 4 Foot Leaf Skimmer Net

The model was designed to provide efficient and easy cleaning of your swimming pool by collecting bugs, debris, and leaves. It provides the ideal flex to allow easy usage and maneuvering.

The product has a 12-inch wide net that helps to cover more ground when cleaning the pool. Another great thing is the durable plastic frame that provides your leaf skimmer with durability to last longer. 

You also get a 12-month warranty that covers parts. It is the perfect pool skimmer for cleaning pools, hot tubs, ponds, spas, kiddies’ pools, and other water bodies.

Final Verdict 

Pool leaf skimmers come with a simple technology that makes it easier to choose them compared to other pool products. They can help you to pick debris, dirt, bugs, and other material in your swimming. 

It is vital to choose the best pool leaf skimmer net if you want a product you can use for hours and one that is durable. Now you can buy your pool skimmer leaf net or basket with ease. 

The Best Automatic Pool Skimmer

automatic pool skimmer
automatic pool skimmer

An automatic pool skimmer is a vital part of a pool’s filtration system as it ensures you swim in a clean facility. It is, therefore, critical to choose the best when it comes to quality and effectiveness. 

Today we answer the questions, what is the best automatic pool skimmer on the market?. The products will provide you with an idea of what you should buy.  

Let us check the seven pool skimmers that you can install and leave them to clean your pool.

Top 7 Automatic Pool Skimmers Reviews 

The automatic pool skimmers in this review are the best when it comes to ease of installation, effectiveness, and affordability.

1. Intex Deluxe Wall-Mounted Swimming Pool Surface Automatic Skimmer 

The #1 model can help to trap debris and leaves before they reach the bottom of your swimming pool. It is a system you can install without a hassle and is recommended for a metal frame pool.

You only need to attach it to your pool’s filter pump, and it starts to clean your facility instantly. The skimmer is made of quality polypropylene plastic that ensures it handle the chemicals in your pool. 

You can easily pool out the skimmer when you want to clean it and even return it. However, it collects a lot of trash before you can need to clean it. 

2. Pool devil Pro Automatic Pool Surface Dirt and Leaf Skimmer Cleaner 

It is a revolutionary pool and spa cleaner that helps to collect debris from your facilities before they hit bottom. The system was designed to clean and maintain your pool to ensure you get a ready pool when you want to swim. 

You can bet it removes a variety of materials like insects, leaves, debris, grass clippings, and particles like pollen. It helps to prevent clogging of your pool filter that can happen if you do not take care of your pool. 

The system easily installs along your swimming pool wall to allow your present cleaner to work effectively. It offers the latest venturi technology that helps to drive the trash into the skimmer. 

3. Skimmer Motion The Automatic Pool Cleaner 

The system helps to clarify your swimming pool by getting rid of debris and particles of 1-inch and bigger. It helps to minimize the use of chemicals that some swimmers can find irritating when swimming. 

The cleaner moves with the current vacuum cleaner to clean all the corners that most skimmers cannot reach. Another notable feature is the whirlpool suction power that helps to remove debris and particles before they hit the bottom of your pool.

The system is compatible with most add-on gadgets that you can use to keep your pool clean. You can bet on its patented design that assures sleek, compact design, and energy-efficient. 

It is a unique skimmer that can help to remove all debris from your facility. 

4. SkimDoctor 2.0 Pool Skimmer Basket TURBOCHARGER 

The SkimDoctor 2.0 catches floating debris and leaves 3x faster compared to using other products on the market today. It easily fits in an inground skimmer basket and comes with adjustable gates that work well for low flow. 

You can easily clean the skimmer basket by removing it from the water and them removing the dirt. One thing you should note it is one of the most straightforward models that to clean as it dries fast. 

The product can keep your facility clean and ensure that you use fewer chemicals to maintain it. Another notable feature is the easy setup process that takes about 5-minute to place it in the pool’s skimmer. 

It is an advanced model that provides value for money. 

5. Skimmer Online B017MV0OT6

The Skimmer Online B017MV0OT6 is a pool skimmer that was designed to remove pollen, airborne soot, leaves, and debris from your pool. It floats on the water to ensure that it catches the debris before it hits the bottom.

One unique thing is the system comes with a single moving part that makes it easy to assemble. It is also a product that is compatible with all pools and other water bodies. 

The product is made of durable material that ensures you get an automatic pool skimmer that lasts for years. It can leave your pool clean and minimize chemical usage.

6. Solar Breeze NX2 Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is a pool cleaner that can remove about 955 of debris, including bacteria, pollen, leaves, and dust. You can save on pool chemicals when you install this pool cleaner and have peace of mind it lasts for years. 

One thing about this system is it used solar power, meaning that you do not incur additional costs when cleaning your pool. It can clean your pool for up to 23-hour a day.

The product is known to move around the pool with ease and get free when it gets stuck. You can do other things a worry-less about your swimming pool when you have this pool cleaner.

7. Dunnite Hydro-net Remote Controlled Pool Skimmer

You can install this skimmer and rest assured of enjoying a clean pool. It uses a Ni-MH battery that can provide it with long operation time to guarantee effective cleaning. 

The package also includes a battery changer that allows you to recharge your pool skimmer and have it ready. One unique thing is you can control the system using a remote controller while 100 feet. 

It is the ideal product for ponds and pools and can remove debris, leaves, bugs, and other materials.  

Final verdict 

When searching for the best automatic pool skimmer, start by considering what your pool needs and then picking the perfect model. There are a lot of products you can find on the market, some using your pool’s system, others using solar energy and other batteries.

No matter the skimmer you choose, the automatic nets can help you to remove bugs, leaves, small sticks, pollens, and other materials. They are the best pool accessories to maintain a swimming pool. 

The Best Pool Skimmer Basket

pool skimmer basket
pool skimmer basket

One critical part of a swimming pool is the pool skimmer, but it needs the right basket to function effectively. The skimmer sucks the debris floating around while the basket traps all the enormous material.

That way, the basket helps to prevent the filtration system from clogging or causing other problems. But what is the best pool skimmer basket on the market?

Let us review the top seven models on the market today.

Pool Skimmer Basket Reviews: Top 7 Models 

Here is the list of the top seven pool skimmer baskets that can improve your pool’s filtration system. 

1. SkimPro Tower-Vented Skimmer Basket 

The SkimPro Tower has an innovative vented design that allows the water to flow via the basket more efficiently. Its design comes in handy to ensure that the water moves freely, even when it is full of debris, leaves, and other material. 

The basket offers a universal usage that allows pool owners to use it with a wide variety of pool skimmers. Another notable thing is the heavy-duty nature of the basket, making it last longer compared to other models in its price range. 

It is one of the best options for pool owners who want to prolong their pump operation, as it allows these systems to work without much trash. Another notable thing about the basket is the long handle that allows easy removal when emptying the dirt. 


  • For inground pool 
  • Compatible with most skimmers
  • Ensures that the pump’s motor never runs dry


  • The handle might be too long 

2. Hayward SPX1070E Basket Replacement 

Hayward makes some excellent pool skimmer baskets that come with unique features to keep your facility in top condition. It is one of the best-constructed models you can find on the market today for your pool.

The basket comes with a flexible handle that rests on the rim, meaning that you do not need to worry about long handles. It allows you to take the basket out without a hassle when the basket gets full of dirt.  

Note that you need to add weight at the bottom to keep this basket in place. The other notable thing about this model is the ease of installation, as it fits perfectly into the skimmer.

Its handle is made of stainless steel that prevents rusting. The body is made of durable plastic material that ensures it does not get affected by pool chemicals.


  • Sits perfectly in the skimmer 
  • For above ground pool
  • Traps all large particles 


  • Basket not weighted down 

3. Hayward SPX1082CA Basket Assembly Replacement  

The SPX1082CA is a unique pool skimmer basket that was designed to fit unusual shapes. It fits perfectly with these kinds of the skimmer to prevent any large debris from passing through and clogging the suction pipe. 

You can fit this system on most Hayward skimmers of the SP series, which include 1082, 1083, 1084, 1085, and 1086. One thing you should note is it comes with a unique handle that rests inside the basket.

It ensures that you enclose your basket in the skimmer without the hassle of long handles. The model is made of quality plastic material that gives it a longer life. 

It is a system that can remove leaves, stones, and other material and requires weight to remain down. The product is also affordable and was designed to offer value for all pool owners.


  • Able to catch most materials 
  • Has a unique handle 
  • Easy to install


  • For Hayward skimmers 

4. Aladdin Swimming Pool Replacement Skimmer Basket 

Aladdin Swimming Pool Replacement Skimmer Basket is one of the most affordable models you can find on the market today. It also provides a competent cleaning service by removing all manner of trash, including toys and other broad leaves and debris. 

Another great thing about the skimmer basket is the sturdy built that gives it a long life. That is all possible because of the durable plastic material that handles the pool chemicals and other harsh conditions.  

The other notable feature is the inverted U-shaped handle that allows you to remove the trash with ease. You can always place the handle on the baskets to ensure that it does not affect you when installing it. 

The product is big enough to allow for more cleaning, less emptying to give you time for other things.


  • Has an easy-to-use handle 
  • Made of durable plastic 
  • Quite affordable 


  • Does not have the weir 

5. GVT SP-HP Skimmer Basket 

The GVT SP-HP Skimmer Basket comes with a unique handle that allows you to remove the system from the skimmer with ease. It rises from the middles of the basket with significant vents that enable the water to flow freely. 

That helps to preserve the pool pump as it continues to receive water even when the basket if full of leaves, debris, and stones. The plastic piece is well-crafted to guarantee a longer life under the harsh pool conditions. 

It was designed to ensure that all large materials remain in the basket and not affect the skimmer. You can find all kinds of trash here, including toys, leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Another great thing about this basket is it requires minimal maintenance since you only need to empty the trash. 


  • Made of quality material 
  • Allows the pool pump to continue working
  • Easy to clean 


  • A long handle 

6. Pentair R38013A Replacement Admiral Skimmer Basket 

The Pentair R38013A Replacement Admiral Skimmer Basket was designed to fit the Pentair Admiral Pool Skimmers. It is made of quality plastic material that is made to last longer when under the pool conditions.

The system is large enough to ensure that it holds more material compared to other skimmers on the market today. It is also easy to install the basket into the skimmer as you only need to insert it, and you are done.  

You can also have peace of mind knowing it provides value for money and is one of the most affordable ones. It is the only skimmer basket that you might ever need for your swimming pool.


  • Made of quality material 
  • A considerable basket that holds lots of trash
  • Easy to assemble 


  • It does not have a handle 

7. Pentair 516112 Handle Basket Replacement Bermuda Gunite and Vinyl Liner Skimmer 

It is a replacement skimmer basket that can suit most pool skimmers that were designed to catch leaves, stones, toys, and other materials. The product is large enough to ensure that it collects more trash before you need to empty it.

Another notable feature is the durable plastic material that makes it withstand the severe conditions. You can use it for years without getting damaged or rusting.

It also has a handle that you can use to lift it out of the water when emptying the trash. The product gives you an easy time when installation as you only need to insert it, and you are done. 

You can have value for your money when you choose this product. And the system was designed for most pool skimmers. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Very affordable 
  • Comes with a unique handle 


  • The handle can easily rust 

Buying Guide 

Knowing the things to look for when choosing your skimmer basket can help you to narrow down the option. Here are some of the critical issues to watch out for:

  • The Basket’s Size: Finding the perfect fit is essential to ensure that you get an easy time when inserting the basket in the skimmer. These products come with model numbers that can help you pick the perfect one for your swimming pool skimmer. Take note of the overall height, bottom diameter, and top diameter. 
  • Installation Process: These accessories are easy to install, and you do not need a professional to help you. One thing you should note is the installation process involves ensuring that the basket remains in place. There are skimmer baskets that come weighted while others require you to add some form of weight.
  • Choose the Material: Pool skimmer baskets are made of different types of plastic material. Some come with sturdy, thick material that cannot break with ease. The vital thing is to choose a product that can handle pool chemicals and hardened debris.  
  • Select the Perfect Handle: It is easier to remove the basket from the skimmer when it has a well-positioned handle. The handle can be of metal or plastic material and can be a flexible or fixed one. Watch out for the design to ensure that you choose a handle that can meet your skimmer’s design.   
  • Durability: The durability of a skimmer basket depends on different factors such as material, design, and even brand. You should choose a product from a reputable brand and one made of quality materials. 
  • Warranty: Another thing you should consider when buying a pool skimmer basket is the warranty. You should choose a product with a long term warranty that covers the materials. That way, you can have value for your money.

What is a Skimmer Basket for a Pool?

A pool skimmer basket is part of a swimming pool system that enables the water to flow into the suction pipe that connects to the filter. It is a system that offers a barrier of all massive debris by preventing them from entering that pipe. 

These baskets are mainly made of plastic materials that allow them to remain under pool conditions without getting damaged. They also require some form of weight or a handle to ensure that they stay in place.

Skimmer baskets collect a lot of materials, ranging from children’s toys to large leaves.  

Do You Remove Skimmer Basket when Vacuuming Pool?

Yes. You should remove the skimmer basket before you vacuum your swimming pool. It is also advisable to remove this strainer basket to ensure that you clean it. 

How to Install Skimmer Basket on Above Ground Pool?

You cannot install the skimmer basket before you install the skimmer. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Attach the weir: It is the flap that you attach to the skimmer.
  • Attach the vacuum port cover: Secure it to the bottom of the skimmer. 
  • Attach the gaskets: Attach it to the above ground pool wall.
  • Prep the skimmer faceplate: They help the skimmer to remain in place.
  • Attach the skimmer: Attach it to the wall (have someone help you).
  • Cut the liner: Cut it from the skimmer faceplate. 
  • Add the skimmer basket: You can now insert the skimmer or filter basket in the skimmer and other accessories. 

Final Verdict

You can now choose the best pool skimmer basket vortex for your swimming pool and enjoy a clean facility. Ensure that you select a quality product that can provide you with value for money.  

The Best Pool Vacuum for Dirt

pool vacuum for dirt
pool vacuum for dirt

What is the best pool vacuum for dirt to buy? We will look at the best vacuum cleaners for cleaning the trash in a swimming pool. 

It is hard to pick the most efficient type or model of pool vacuum when you consider there are hundreds of them on the online and mortar stores. That is why we have reviewed the seven models to give you an idea of what the right unit should look like and offer.

Pool Vacuum for Dirt: Top 7 Reviewed

The pool vacuums in this reviewed are the best for cleaning dirt when it comes to effectiveness, durability, and price. Which models have we included? 

1. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum 

Intex Handheld is a vacuum cleaner that comes with built-in Ni-MH batteries that you can recharge and enjoy hours of cleaning. They provide enough power to give your machine the powerful suction you desire to remove all the dirt. 

The product is recommended for use with above ground pools of 18-inch in diameter and all PureSpas. It offers two interchangeable brush heads that you can use to clean different types of messes. 

The system saves power when not in use, thanks to the auto-shutoff feature that keep it off when not underwater. 

The pool vacuum is ideal for cleaning most swimming pools and cannot cause damage. It is highly recommended for all pool owners. 

2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner 

It is the perfect robot for cleaning a pool of about 50 feet, and it does that within 120 minutes. The cleaner was designed to offer effortless cleaning services by removing all types of dirt from the pool.

One feature that makes it efficient is the dual scrubbing brushes that ensure even the toughest of messes get cleaned. Another feature is the superior filtering abilities that remove even the smallest of particles. 

You can program the cleaner to clean the pool every day, every two days, or every three days. That can ensure you get time to do other things without worrying about whether you turned the pool vacuum on to start cleaning.

3. Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Side Pool Cleaner  

Zodiac MX6 comes with an innovative low-flow design that makes it the perfect cleaner for variable speed and 2-speed pumps. It features cyclonic suction technology that offers powerful vacuuming for all kinds of messes.

There is also an articulating turbine blade that allows effective wall-climbing for a thorough pool cleaning. The swiveling cord ensures that the robot moves around without getting stuck. 

The package includes a warranty card, hose float, flow regulator valve, hose protector, 90-degree twist-lock elbow, weir valve, and 7×1.2m twist lock hose lengths. 

4. Hayward PV896584000020 The Pool Cleaner 

The product is recommended for all average-sized pools and uses your swimming pool filter and pump to remove dirt. It uses the four-wheel-drive design to provide it with enough power to move over obstacles. 

Another thing is the patented tire treads that add to its mobility while moving around your swimming pool. The product is made of quality material that provides it with the durability you desire in a pool cleaner. 

It is an affordable cleaner that can provide value for money and leave your swimming pool clean. You can also bet on its unique design to make your pool more attractive when it is cleaning.

5. Pool Blaster Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner

The dirt blaster is powered by a powerful Lithium-Ion battery that provides power for an extended duration. You can quickly recharge the battery if it gets drained and continue to clean your pool immediately. 

It has an easy push-button that allows you to switch it on/off without a hassle. Another feature is the X-Treme Multilayer filter that helps to collect small and large debris. You can clean the filter and reuse it a couple of times. 

The pool cleaner is recommended for spa and pools and can clean your facility within 60 minutes.

6. XtremePowerUS 75037 Climb Wall Pool Cleaner 

XtremePowerUS 75037 is a vacuum pool cleaner that climbs the walls to ensure that you get a spotless facility. It comes with ten hoses that you can connect to cover up to 30 feet.

Although it is not the right cleaner for stairs, it still provides excellent service when cleaning walls and surfaces. The product requires a 1600 GPH or ¾ HP swimming pool pump to clean your pool the right way.   

You get an easy time when assembling this cleaner as it does not use electricity – only attach it to your pool’s filtration system. You also get a 12 months warranty for parts when you purchase from authorized dealers. 

7. VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner In-Ground Suction-Side Vacuum-Generic Climb Wall Pool Sweeper

The pool cleaner is well-designed to remove hair, sand, debris, and dirt from your swimming pool. It can give you an easy time when maintaining your swimming pool because you do not need to spend hours scrubbing anything.

One unique feature is the easy set up that makes it easy to install and start cleaning soonest. The product produces low noise compared to most pool vacuum in its class.  

It is a cost-efficient product that cleans your pool without consuming a lot of power. The product is fitted with premium rubber disks that allow it to clean vinyl, tile, and concrete without causing damage.  


Choosing the best pool vacuum for fine dirt is a vital thing as you need a product that you can use every day. It can help you to clean your pool and ensure it remains in top condition to allow you to swim during the hot summer. 

It would help if you considered all the factors of a quality pool cleaner, such as brand, price, durability, effectiveness, and others before you settle for one. The above seven models are designed for different types of pools and spas and can provide value for money. 

The Best Pool Vacuum Algae

pool vacuum algae
pool vacuum algae

Owning a pool comes with several responsibilities, and many pool owners have a lot of questions from everything to do with water balance and chemicals to maintenance products to use and possible ways to get rid of dirt debris, and most notably, algae. There is one question everyone will ask what is the best pool vacuum for algae?

7 Best Pool Vacuum for Algae 2020

1. XtremePowerUS 75037 Automatic Wall Suction Vacuum Pool Cleaner

 This easy to maintain and the affordable cleaner cleans pools and mostly get rid of algae from your pool regardless of their sizes, it attaches to your existing filtration system and does not use electricity to function.  It is effortlessly easy to set up and very efficient. No matter the size, type, and shape of your pool, extreme cleaner goes deep and wide to ensure that all sorts of dirt, dust, and debris are removed, giving your pool a clean look. It is designed with cutting edge automatic and other smart technologies that allows you take a hands-off approach to pool cleaning, if you own a pool and you are looking for a versatile pool vacuum that climbs wall to clean the extreme power is a Worthy consideration.


  • Full pool cleaning coverage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great performance
  • Affordable


  • Heavy

2. Intex 2800IE Automatic Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

 This auto pool cleaner is a Hassel free solution as it effectively vacuums the entire pool floor automatically. Not suitable for an inground pool, this pool cleaner was designed for Intex above ground swimming pool, using the Venturi suction this cleaner will keep the bottom of your pool clear and clean from sunken leaves, diets, sand and algae with ease making your pool attractive and healthy.


  • Affordable
  • Very efficient and reliable
  • Full pool cleaning coverage


  • None

3. Hayward Poolvergnuegen – 896584000-518 Automatic 2-Wheel Suction Vacuum Pool Cleaner

This two-wheel suction automatic pool cleaner is quick to connect and simple to set, Hayward navigator cleaner cleanses up your pool in less than ten minutes. It features self-adjusting turbine vane, which helps to maximize the power from the water flow, and the folding blade of the turbine allows easy passage of larger debris through the cleaner without clogging.  It works with the suction side of a pool circulation system and with its smart technology steering it through alternating left-right working quickly and silently to sweep up small debris, pollens, and most especially algae fast with ease leaving the pool clean and attractive.


  • Suction side Quiet
  • Fast cleaning
  • Durable


  • Expensive

4. Aqua Product Mamba Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

 This product can be everything you need in an automatic pool cleaner, specially designed for both above and an inground pool of all shapes and sizes. This machine can clean and adapt to multiple surfaces with its super grip PVC brush for excellent traction on even the slipperiest of surfaces. While operating, it reaches every nook and cranny of the pool walls and tiles, picking up more significant items like rocks, leaves, and unwanted organic debris like algae. No installation is required, simply drop the cleaner in the pool, plug into its 24-volt transformer, and push the button. Better quality for high-end performance at a low price.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly capable
  • Time featured
  • Affordable


  • Filters bag needs constant cleaning
  • Heavy

5. VIVOHOME Automatic Inground/ Above ground Pool Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner

 With the Vivohome Automatic cleaner, you can clean everywhere in your pool, including the hard-to-reach corners and surfaces of your pool without missing a spot. Just connect the 32.8-foot hose to your existing filtration system, this automatic pool cleaner works great on all surfaces by scrubbing and sucking up all the dirt, algae, debris, leaves, bugs lining on your pool floor and walls expertly. Suitable for both the above and inground pool attached to an existing filtration system to eliminate every contaminant with great ease.


  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Effective cleaning


  • Expensive

6. Skooba K563CBX Kokido Max Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning pool walls most especially above ground pool with low flow filtration system suitable for pool between 8 to15 feet in diameter, it is designed to work with the suction power of your filtration system with a minimum flow rate of 500GPH. It easily removes debris, sands, algae, and bacteria from the bottom and sides of your pool without clogging. With its simultaneous vacuuming and filtering function, which helps save your money by prolonging the life of your pool filter.


  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Superior cleaning


  • Heavy

7. Hayward 925AD Navigator Pro Suction Automatic Vacuum Pool Cleaner

Suitable, especially for an inground pool, Hayward automatic cleaner is designed to work hand-in-hand with the existing filtration system on your pool, so there is no need for booster pumps that usually complicate setup processes. Simple, affordable, but powerful, it helps you get rid of dirt, debris, and algae from your pool effectively, with its outstanding features, which also make for easy usage. All you need is less than ten minutes, and your pool will be on its way to being clean and sparkling.


  • Fast cleaning
  • Efficient operation
  • Flexible


  • Expensive

 How to Clean Algae From Pool Without a Vacuum

  • Test and balance your water chemistry with test stripsor digital kit to know the alkalinity and PH value of the pool.
  •  Brush your pool sides, walls, under a ladder with a good pool brush.
  • Add algaecide to the areas where algae are in the pool.
  • Brush your pool again with a pool flocculent.
  • Turn the pump on to keep the water from stagnating, and from making the algae easily removable, turn it off after the algae float on your pool.
  • Shock your pool with suitable calcium hypochlorite, shock twice, or thrice depending on how large the algae are. Also, put your cleaning equipment in the shallow end of the pool so they can be sanitized too.
  • Gently filter the soft debris and algae with a pool net, and test your water chemistry again, then turn on your water pump adding pool water clarifier for a minimum of eight hours.

  How to Vacuum Algae Out Of a Pool

  • The manual vacuuming is the best, by directly cleaning the waste bypassing your filter and preventing recirculation of your contaminated water, use a stiff pool brush paying more attention to where algae are usually worst and prevalent in the pool.
  • Test and balance your water balance with a digital kit.
  • Affix the vacuum head to one end of the telescopic pole, attach one end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head.
  • Hold the pole with your hand and lower the vacuum head into the pool, locate the filter skimmer on the side of the pool, and attach the free end of the hose into the water intake. Once the tube fills with water, suction will begin.
  • Push the vacuum head while holding the pole around the floor and sides of your pool to get rid of the algae.
  • After you have done the entire pool, disconnect the hose from the filter.


All pools most especially algae infested pools need good pool cleaners and chemicals to stay clean, maintain its user satisfaction, remain appealing to others, and healthier for you and your family. The above-mentioned pool vacuum is the best pool vacuum algae to buy, they work effectively, they are well design to fit any pool size or type, they are affordable, and of an excellent investment.